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Group 8 - Miss Hemming

Oscar D, Tommy R, Seth M, Rose H, Jessica S, Evan W, Dylan H, Lucas R, Tricia A, Chloe M, Sophie F


After an amazing evening sat round the campfire toasting marshmallows and singing campfire songs, our final morning quickly arrived and again we welcomed Miss Stewart’s wake up call. 
This was shortly followed by helping with what felt like a million sleeping bags into their bags! 
It was pancakes and syrup for breakfast and with no time to waste we were on to our first activity, High All Aboard. This involved climbing a huge wooden pole with a small square board at the top, where teams of 4 had to attempt standing up together at the top.
Once they all reached the top it was a case of last man standing! This was definitely entertaining to watch from the bottom! We even had a teacher from another school comment on the tenacity of my group!! 
Our final activity for the week was the indoor climbing wall, where they all had a good bash at climbing up to the top and abseiling back down. Considering how tired they all are they smashed the climbing wall, and smashed Blackwell. I am really proud of every single member of Group 8, they have been lovely children to be around and as well as making friends for life, I’m sure they’ve all made memories for life too, as have I! 
Well done GROUP 8!!


The first activity of our second day was the zipline!

Day two, and we were all awoken to Miss Stewart’s beautiful rendition of Wake Up Boo! 
Off we went for a cooked breakfast and a sing song for the birthday boy, Evan! I think the whole of Blackwell knows he’s 11 today! 
Our first activity was the Dual Zip Line, and after hearing “I don’t think I can do this” from a few members of the group.. they all had multiple goes! This was such a fun activity and I think they all agreed this was their favourite so far, so much so, Miss Hemming and Mrs Hennessy couldn’t resist having a go themselves. 
Our second activity was the Tree Trek and obstacle course where they all got stuck in and were flying through it by the end, including Oscar who lost his shoe half way round! 
After lunch, we went head-to-head with Mrs Barlow’s Group 7 in laser tag where we played capture the flag in the woods and this is where the competitive side really came in to play with all of group 8, we have some budding soldiers in our midst! The children were so keen for Mrs Barlow and Miss Hemming to get involved that we played a huge game of hide and seek… teachers v. children. Sadly we lost, but I’m sticking with the fact we were outnumbered! 
After running around in the woods for two hours the children jumped in the swimming pool to have some fun with the floats, followed by warm showers and a trip to the shop to spend their money.. I think we’ve cleared the shop out of sweets and chocolate! 
After a fun packed day we are all very tired but very excited for tonight’s camp fire, and ready for another day of exciting activities tomorrow!


The first activity today was abseiling. 

Group 8 started the day off on a ‘high’ with abseiling! They were all so brave and made me very proud with how they cheered each other on. 
Next up was archery, they were all pros by the end of the session, not just at shooting a target but making shapes using their arrows! 
After lunch we headed over to the fan descender, a huge pole to climb up… and jump down from!! They were all fantastic.. even making Miss Hemming have a go!! 
Up fourth was the crate stacking, where we needed to work in pairs to climb as high as we could, balancing on plastic crates. 
We are about to embark on rocket shooting and orienteering to complete the day after a lovely dinner together and waffles for pudding! What a fab first day, well done group 8!