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Home Page Westacre Middle School


Wow! What an amazing first day. We had a quick journey with a stop at the services to eat our lunch. 


When we got to the centre, we had to make our beds and sort out our rooms. We were then given our kit for the week. 


We went straight onto the first activity which was either rock climbing or canoeing. We climbed up the side of the mountain and abseiled down. The lake was beautiful but a couple of us fell in!


When we got home we had our dinner - pizza and wedges - and then had our chores to complete! These include sweeping out the minibuses, emptying the bins, watering the plants, hoovering and setting up the tables ready for breakfast the next day. 


At 7pm, we went for a night walk until 9pm! We walked up to an old castle and on top of the hill. It was very foggy so we couldn't see much!


The weather forecast is clear and bright for the rest of the week - we're super excited. 

Coach journey

Getting ready for our first activities

Making our way to the rock climbing

West Wing set up for dinner

An evening walk to a local viewpoint

The pool table was popular