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Social Skills

Developing sound social skills from an early age means that children are equipped for a lifetime of healthier interactions, both with peers and adults. Presenting good listening skills, being able to communicate effectively with others and showing consideration of others feelings and are all core components of social skills.
At Westacre, we develop children’s social skills using a variety of different resources - the most common being ‘101 Ways to Teach Children Social Skills'. This book covers the following topics:
•    Verbal communication 
•    Non-verbal communication 
•    Being part of a group 
•    Expressing feelings 
•    Caring about yourself and about others 
•    Problem solving 
•    Listening 
•    Standing up for yourself 
•    Managing conflict 

Each topic provides a plan, lesson objective and activity worksheets that children can work through to display their understanding. 
We also like to use games to guide children into developing more effective social skills. Games enable the adult to highlight skills to the children such as turn-taking, not talking over others, interrupting and eye contact.