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In the trenches

Year 7 have tried to write a figurative description of the trenches. 7FH got to experience some of the conditions whilst writing. 

Year 7 have spent some time reflecting on those who have died and fought for us. 

7FH Science

7FH have developed their confidence with using Bunsen burners to investigate what happens to water as it boils.

Humanities group presentations

This week, 7LS have been creating presentations to synthesise their understanding of our current conflict topic and, today, some students presented their information to the class. They all developed their oracy skills alongside this important life skill that they can take into the future with them. 

Sports Leadership in PE

In PE, year 7 are continuing to work on leadership skills today and had the chance to work in small groups to set up, teach and support in different activities. 

Bunsen burner investigation - 7LS

Hello Yellow Day

In PSHE, year 7 have been considering how they look after their mental health in school.

Sports Leaders and Crew

It has been a busy week for our Sports Leaders and Sports Crew. They have all completed their training and some had the opportunity to lead a year 3 football with children from Westlands. Mrs Hennessy is so proud with what you have achieved so far and can’t wait for future events.