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Career's Day - meeting our local MP

On Friday, 5th November, we were lucky to have our local Worcestershire MP visit us to explain what life was like as a member of Parliament. It was a fantastic insight into their lives and has inspired us to aim high in our roles as representatives of Westacre. 

UK Parliament Week


The 1st to 7th November is UK Parliament Week. We were encouraged to share our ideas about representing others, about the democratic process and how we belong to many different groups. Our "democra-tree" grew in school reception to show which groups we represent. 




Westacre Parliament 21-22


Our Members of Parliament met for the first time today, 27th September. Introductions were made and the children considered what a Pupil Parliament was for, then discussed any feedback  from their classmates from our first few weeks at school. 


Pupil Parliament



Hello, Mrs Underhill here to tell you what being a Westacre MP (member of parliament) is all about!


As pupil parliament members we…


  • Follow the democratic process and are elected by our class
  • Listen to the ideas and thoughts of the other children in our class
  • Twice a half term, we have lunch together, share and discuss the issues raised within our class discussions.
  • Work together to make our school a better place for all
  • Meet with members of staff and other adults to discuss issues.
  • Outside the medical room, you can find representatives of Pupil Parliament who are happy to listen to ideas. 
  • Know our job is to represent and be the voice of our class.
  • Have a representative for each class in school so each year group is fairly represented.


Our Intent is …


  • We aim to make sure that our school is a safe and happy place for children.
  • We are working to improve our school and learning environment for every pupil by acting as a voice for all pupils in our school.
  • We propose and take forward initiatives and projects on behalf of our peers.
  • We ensure improve our school and learning environment for every pupil by acting a voice for all pupils in our school.
  • We learn about and promote British democracy
  • We play an active role in making our school a better place

 As a MP, you would be expected to attend parliament meetings (possibly more frequently depending on how much discussion we need, or how much news/progress we have to share). We have a working lunch over in the hub where we share all our thoughts and ideas. You would then feedback what we have discussed in our meetings to your classmates during tutor time. If any of your classmates had any suggestions about how we could improve our school, they would speak to you and then you would share these ideas at our meeting.


We have a meeting with our own local MP-Nigel Huddleston- planned as part of pupil parliament week in November and most exciting we will hopefully be visiting the Houses of Parliament in London! This is a fascinating trip and gives you the opportunity to see democracy in action.


If this sounds like something you would be interested in, then please fill out the application form below.


06.11.20 Zoom meeting with our local MP Nigel Huddleston from the Houses of Parliament

Pupil Parliament Application Form

Find out more about Parliament here.