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For Greek Day, it was wonderful to see so many children embracing our topic for this term in their excellent outfits. During the day, they took part in various sessions that immersed them in their learning: food tasting items, such as pomegranate; being introduced to the Greek alphabet; creating mosaics; and taking on the characters of Pandora, Zeus and many others in our drama workshop. It was a fantastic day! 

DT - Cooking - chopping skills

Taking pride in our work

Music in 6CF

The Library is open!

Over the summer holidays, there has been a lot of work going on in school and we now have a fantastic new library. Year 6 have been using some of the time this week to go down and explore some of the new books and use the space to enjoy their reading

Year 6 are starting the year with yoga lessons once a week, up until Christmas. As we have been having lovely weather this week, the poses were based on Summer, creating shapes related with the season.