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Bunsen burner lesson - science

Some year 7 classes have been using the Bunsen burners for the first time this week. They have learnt the health and safety rules required to use this piece of apparatus and are now ready to use it for their first experiment. 

Mrs Bennett horse item exploration

We have been very lucky this week as Mrs Bennett brought in items from home that are used with horses. This links well to our class book in English (War Horse) and was a chance to see different items and accessories that used with horses and why they are used. 

Science - apparatus lesson

Year 7 have spent the lesson getting to know the apparatus and equipment in the science lab this week, in preparation for their first experiment. It's very exciting to get to use this space to conduct lots of investigations this year!

PE - Sports Leaders

One of our topics in PE this term is sports leadership. Year 7 have started developing their leadership skills by looking at the equipment and set of different games so that they can then teach these to other pupils. It's great to build up skills of communication, preparation and patience for sports and other activities. 

w.c. 12.9.22 English drama activity

Year 7 have enjoyed their first week of exploring our key text - War Horse by Michael Morpurgo - and took up the exciting challenge of acting as different characters from the story in our drama session on Thursday. 

Year 7 have started their new topic off with a bang, looking at primary and secondary sources relating to conflict. Thanks to the generation contributions of people at home, we were able to explore a range of artefacts and discuss what we thought they were, where they came from and what they were used for.

Welcome to year 7

Year 7 have had a great start to the year. Each week we will come together to celebrate our successes in our year 7 assembly.