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Science - Water Resistance

This week, Year 5 have been testing water resistance with an experiment using boats and fans. We timed how quickly they travelled across the water. 

Mrs Riddleston shared her favourite book with us in our Year 5 Assembly

Mr Street chose Percy Jackson to recommend to the year group during assembly

Shared Writing Inspired by Orangutans in Year 5


We used various materials to build parachutes, to test air resistance. We timed how long it took to hit the floor, knowing that the longer it took to fall, the better the parachute would be. 


During our PHSE lesson focussing on resilience, we worked together on building the tallest Lego tower. Amazingly, two of our towers were both the same height, measuring 65cm!

Explorer Day 2023!

Explorer Day has been a fantastic experience for us all. We discussed the country we had chosen to visit and what we might find in that country. We also had a food testing session, where we described the texture, smell and, of course, taste of some foods from South America. 

As a class, we have also enjoyed some Team Building activities working together. 

As part of our Guided Reading sessions, we have been studying the poem, 'There's a 'Rangtan in my Bedroom'. At the end of the week, we performed to an audience. 

During Science, we used Newton Meters and weighing scales to investigate the link between mass and weight. 

Congrulations to all of our Year 5 pupils who are respresenting their classes in our Westacre Pupil Voice Groups.

We Have Been Celebrating Our Successes In Assembly

Over the last few weeks we have been finding out about the 6Rs in our PSHE lessons. Our work has been recorded in our class books

We have been reading as writers and making authorial choices to sequence a non-chronological report

5JR have been exploring colour and practising their colour mixing skills in the Studio this week.

We were using French dictionaries this week to create our own alphabet.

During our hockey lesson this week, we developed our push pass technique and cushioning its impact.

This week in gymnastics, we focused on adding rolls to our sequence's of movement.