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Remote Learning

During any Covid school closure, pupils can access their daily remote learning provision via the following link to Office 365 online:

The following guides have been shared with parents to support children accessing remote learning:

Children at Westacre will receive the following remote learning on a typical day during any school / year group / class bubble closure:


- At least one pre-recorded lesson

- At least one live session with their class teacher

- A range of learning tasks across the curriculum

- Detailed feedback on an identified piece of work

- Feedback on all other work submitted

- Contact throughout the day via Microsoft Teams chat, emails and / or video calls to support children experiencing difficulties with their learning

The following home-school agreement should be read by all parents and pupils prior to any remote learning:

During any form of school closure or remote learning, Westacre pupils will also be encouraged to continue to meet our school homework expectations. More information about this can be found via the link below:

The following is a more detailed guide for parents on how Accelerated Reader can support their child's reading at home and in school:

Supporting daily routines during school closures

Consistent routines can be a struggle at home with changes to our home working and schooling. Routines support behaviour and wellbeing.

The following checklist may support parents with developing a routine for home learning: