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Feedback from our Parents


As a school, we are always keen to hear feedback from our parents. It helps us to know what we are doing well and ways we can move school further forwards.


At the end of each school year, parents have the opportunity to give us their thoughts via a reply form on pupils' end of year reports. Here are some of the comments made in July 2019:


We're so proud of this report and of Nathan. I know he enjoys school but this shows why! Not just academically achieving but he's happy too! Couldn't ask for more and its obvious you know him well!


So pleased to see Adam has settled well into his first year. He frequently talks about his day!


I am very pleased how well Rosie has settled into Westacre, it is a lovely school.


Mollie has really enjoyed her first year at Westacre. She goes to school with a smile on her face and comes home the same! Thank you Westacre!


Daisy has absolutely loved Year 6. She has thrived so much and comes home in a very positive mood thanks to a full action packed day at school!


We are delighted with Jacob's report. He is thoroughly enjoying his Westacre 'life' - the wider opportunities are fantastic! His teachers have supported and challenged to help him achieve his best.


We are very proud of Amelia. She has embraced all that Westacre has offered and has grown so much in confidence over the last twelve months. She has been encouraged and supported to achieve her very best and has thoroughly enjoyed her time at Westacre.


Harry has thoroughly enjoyed Year 6 and we would like to thank all the adults who have actively encouraged and supported him during the year - we're over the moon!


We are very pleased with Sophie's report. She has had a great Year 6 with inspiring and enthusiastic teachers.


We are so proud of Mya's progress at Westacre both this year and in Years 5 & 6. She has grown in confidence and ready for the next challenge.


We are very proud of Jacob and all he has achieved in his final year at Westacre. We'll all miss the school very much, but look forward to his new beginnings in September.


What an outstanding school report. Thank you for all of the support you have given to her this year, we really appreciate what you have done.


A brilliant report which is well deserved. We have found Westacre as a school to have been excellent: great facilities, lovely staff with enthusiasm and good humour! Thank you for three excellent supportive years!


We would like to thank the teachers for encouraging her, challenging her and supporting her during Year 6.


Thanks for such a fantastic 3 years. Westacre is a wonderful school with fantastic teaching staff and fun, friendly, well-mannered children. Thanks to all of the staff including the brilliant reception staff. Good luck with everything.


Huge thank you to Westacre Teachers and support staff for helping shape Annabels future.. very sad to leave but the next adventure awaits.


Grace has had a fabulous 3 years and very sad to be leaving - she will miss all of the wonderful teachers. Thank you


We couldn’t be prouder of what Emmie has achieved during her 3 years at Westacre. Sad to leave but looking forward to a new adventure.