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Parent Comments

Feedback from our Parents


As a school, we are always keen to hear feedback from our parents. It helps us to know what we are doing well and ways we can move school further forwards.


At the end of each school year, parents have the opportunity to give us their thoughts via a reply form on pupils' end of year reports. Here are some of the comments made:


We wanted to thank you all for the amazing support you have offered us over some very difficult times.  I am so glad Finley is a part of Westacre, and you have certainly lived up to all the praise that I had heard previous to Fin starting.  

Fin has so much enjoyed being in school this year, and his first year in Westacre has been such a positive experience, despite the recent circumstances.  I'm so grateful to all of the staff for all of your hard work throughout. The work that has  been set daily, the feedback from the teachers, interest in the children and not just their work has been amazing.  We've received emails, messages and phone calls from staff, which has been so helpful to us with our home learning, and has encouraged and boosted fin to continue to do his daily work.  Without your help and support, it would have been a much more difficult task!   


Please pass on my thanks to the teachers for their time and patience with Abigail over the start of the year, she was thriving under their guidance and I would like them to know that their time was appreciated by me and my husband over the start of what could have been a tricky year for her. Please also pass on my thanks to the Senior Management Team, I acknowledge that the work involved in getting school back up and running safely must have taken a huge amount of work and I am well aware that the work is by no means over.  But seeing the happy faces each day on the school gates gave me confidence in Abigail being in school and the fact that they all had time if I had questions was again much appreciated.


Thank you to everyone at school for everything that has been done to try and support our children during this pandemic crisis. We’ve been very impressed with how well it has been handled. From the office team, who must have also had a ridiculously heavy workload to the class teachers and support staff. As a family we appreciated every email response back to work we had sent in and phone call to check in with us. Thank you so much and we look forward to returning in September!


Miller is really looking forward to starting DHS in September and I'm sure part of his positive approach to starting a new school has come from the encouragement he has received from staff at Westacre. Please pass on our thanks to all teaching and support staff who have made his time at Westacre happy and memorable. 


We are very proud of Jacob and his “pride of Westacre” medal. Thank you for making Jacob’s time at Westacre so brilliant. You have such a fabulous school!


Jess has had an amazing time at Westacre and has had some wonderful experiences with old and new friends.


Lewin has absolutely loved his time at Westacre and we cannot thank the whole school community enough for making his time full of positive and amazing memories. As you’ll know, Lewin is the last of our lovely children to be leaving Westacre (10 years has gone like a flash!) so this is the end of our journey.


Now the end of the school year is nearly here, we just wanted to pass on our thanks to all of you for the help and support you have provided to Harry during his time at Westacre and especially during the recent months, where we have faced such challenging times.  It really has been appreciated. Harry will be leaving with fond and happy memories of his time at Westacre and will be well prepared for his move to DSHS thanks to all your support.


I felt that I wanted to write to you this morning to say thank you to you and all of your staff at Westacre, for all that you have done for your pupils and their families over the last few months.You have kept us well informed at every stage in a clear and organised manner and since my son James returned to school on June 1st, it’s clear that you have struck a good balance of work and fun. In these trying times, James and his school life has been one thing that I have not had to worry about. 


Thank you for everything you’ve done for Harry & the other yr6’s who’ve been back to school these past 6 weeks. He’s going to miss school for the first time ever during the holidays & can’t wait to get back in September.


Rhys has just come home from school with 3 full books of work his has done from being back at school from the 1st of June! We as his parents are incredibly proud of him, he hated writing and now producing work like this Thank you Westacre for your amazing work.


Thank you so much to everyone at Team Westacre for everything you have done for Daisy during her time at Westacre. She has loved her time with you all.


We're so proud of this report and of Nathan. I know he enjoys school but this shows why! Not just academically achieving but he's happy too! Couldn't ask for more and its obvious you know him well!


Mollie has really enjoyed her first year at Westacre. She goes to school with a smile on her face and comes home the same! Thank you Westacre!


We are very proud of Amelia. She has embraced all that Westacre has offered and has grown so much in confidence over the last twelve months. She has been encouraged and supported to achieve her very best and has thoroughly enjoyed her time at Westacre.


We are so proud of Mya's progress at Westacre both this year and in Years 5 & 6. She has grown in confidence and ready for the next challenge.


A brilliant report which is well deserved. We have found Westacre as a school to have been excellent: great facilities, lovely staff with enthusiasm and good humour! Thank you for three excellent supportive years!


We would like to thank the teachers for encouraging her, challenging her and supporting her during Year 6.


Thanks for such a fantastic 3 years. Westacre is a wonderful school with fantastic teaching staff and fun, friendly, well-mannered children. Thanks to all of the staff including the brilliant reception staff. Good luck with everything.


Huge thank you to Westacre Teachers and support staff for helping shape Annabels future.. very sad to leave but the next adventure awaits.


Grace has had a fabulous 3 years and very sad to be leaving - she will miss all of the wonderful teachers. Thank you