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Mrs Page's Group

Today we went to the Tyn Y Maes Gorge to traverse along some rock faces. The gorge had waterfalls in - just beautiful! We all managed to traverse along - some even completed the course 4 times! We had lunch by the gorge then we went to the Llanberis Lake to do some canoeing! We rafted two together and sailed along the lake. We took advantage of the winds and put up a sail to sail back. We found a little 'beach' and toasted marshmallows and drank hot chocolate. For those that wanted too, they had the chance to jump off the pontoon. Only 4 were brave enough - and it wasn't Mrs Page! 

Mr Sankey and Mrs Eaton's Group

Both groups, although taking different routes, walked up a mountain - Elidir Fawr. Mr Sankey's group did the Elidir Fach walk and Mrs Eaton's groups walked to the Elidir Fawr summit. Elidir Fawr is probably best known as the quarry scarred mountain next to Llanberis. While some parts of the Dinorwig quarries are interesting, this side of the mountain is irreparably scarred. However, don’t let first impressions put you off walking Elidir Fawr as it has some truly spectacular views and facets you wouldn’t believe from Llanberis. It’s been given the nickname ‘Electric Mountain’ as it’s a pump storage power station – or what is essentially a huge battery. The lake at Marchlyn Mawr acts as a storage reservoir, with the water only pumped down to generate electricity at peak times. After the walk they skimmed stones pin the reservoir. 

Mrs Hennessey, Mrs Adey's & Mrs MacPherson's Group

Today our three groups went gorge scrambling near to Dolgarrog. Wearing all our wet weather gear, we scrambled up a fast flowing river passing through rockpools and small waterfalls to eventually reach the largest waterfall in the gorge. We then launched ourselves into the plunge pool formed by the waterfall and slid all the way down to our start point along the natural slide formed by the river. The water was freezing cold, but we rose to the challenge and with lots of encouragement and teamwork we achieve our goal! We had amazing fun taking part in an activities most of us had never done before. 

Evening walk to the slate quarry

The Westacre staff made it to the last night!