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At Westacre Middle School, we aim to inspire children to develop their creative skills musically.  Children learn through reading music, playing a variety of instruments, as well as listening and responding to music. Currently, in Year 5 we begin to teach children to read music through learning to play a recorder and use this skill to compose their own pieces. In Year 6, they continue to learn to read music whilst learning to play the steel pan drums. In Year 7, they continue to build on their previous learning through learning to play a keyboard and investigating how their voices can be used as instruments. In addition, each year group has access to many other instruments during their journey at Westacre. 


We have private music lessons available to children, which include piano/keyboard, guitar, drums, as well as other potential instruments.  In addition, we are very proud of our school choir, which is currently led by Miss Dutton and Mrs Pledger on a Tuesday after school.


We provide a variety of opportunities for children to perform to a larger audience: weekly assemblies, Christmas Showcase, Eisteddfod, Young Voices.

Please see the document below for more information about our curriculum intent for Music:

Please see the document below for more information about how we support the needs of all learners in Music:

Please see the document below for more information about the 'subject traits' we have planned in Music that we aim for all our children to leave Westacre being able to do:

We are so proud of our children at Westacre, for showcasing their many musical talents in our yearly Eisteddfod. Below, pictures can be seen of just a few of our wonderful students this year.

Here are some images from our recent prospectus photoshoot. This shows the steel pan drums that the children use (in Year 6) and the boom whackers. 

Music in the classroom