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Pre Teach

The purpose of these interventions are to give the children a ‘preview’ of the lesson and allow them to put their knowledge to work during the lesson.

We pre-teach a wide range of current Humanities topics as well as Maths, English and Science vocabulary.  A typical session will involve covering the language useful to understanding the topic, games using skills that may be needed, teaching common misconceptions and exposing the children to words or ideas that are about to come up in the lesson.  All our work is done in pre-teach books which the children take to class with them and which they can refer to to give them a ‘heads up’ in the lesson. 

Because the groups are small (maximum of 5) we find that we can really achieve a great discussion and understanding – less confident children can ask questions that they might not do so in a large class.

The ultimate aim is to help with their topic and vocabulary understanding and give them confidence and knowledge when they are in that particular lesson.