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World Watchers

A new school year, a new team of World Watchers!


We have been very busy World Watchers already this term, as our Year 5 representatives were putting their Green Screen skills to the test during our recent open evening. We are pleased to report they are now very confident at using this type of media to record their news stories and will be using them shortly to record their reports. 


World Watchers will continue to keep their ears to the ground to ensure they are up to date with the latest news and are already planning their first batch of stories.




Welcome to World Watchers! 


At World Watchers we meet every Tuesday to discuss the news stories which have captured our interest over the last 7 days. It may be something which has happened in Britain, further afield, or here at Westacre. 


As a team, we will then decide on our top stories of the week and publish them either on-line or deliver them to the school during assembly time, as we try to highlight the importance of us all knowing what is happening in the world. 


We are very lucky at Westacre to have access to so many multi-media opportunities, such as the green screen, ipads to record our stories on, editing software and computers for written media stories. 


If you have a news story you think we should be covering, make sure you tell your class representative, so that we can discuss it in our next meeting. 

Westacre World Watchers Update 16th October 


Today the World Watchers in each of our Year Groups met to receive their Reporter Notebooks. 


They were challenged to research some Happy News from around the world to report to the rest of Westacre on Monday. 



Westacre World Watchers

Mrs Riddleston here to tell you all about what being a Westacre World Watcher is all about! I'm hoping you might just be interested enough to come along and join us and add your voice to our world watching.


As World Watchers we….
•    Keep our ears to the ground and eyes peeled to gather exciting news stories to catch the attention and raise the awareness off middle school aged pupils. 
•    Every Monday we have lunch together, discuss any news stories we want to share, watch the daily CBBC NEWSROUND update and select news stories to share in Whole School or House Assembly .
•    We all work together to update our World Watcher Board in the LRA with post its attached to a World Map to show you WHAT is happening and WHERE. 
•    Outside the medical room, you can find representatives of World Watchers inviting all year groups to have a seat and catch - up on the Newsround updates during lunch time.  
•    Think our job is to keep our Westacre Community linked to the Global Community. 
•    Have a representative for each class in school so each year group is fairly represented and the news stories selected are relevant to all ages represented in our school community. 

Our Intent …….

  • Appreciate the diversity and richness of our own culture and those of others around the world.
  • To learn about British society and grow in our awareness of our position in our local, national and global community.
  • To understand the role of journalism. in the sharing of news.