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Lego Social Skills

The overall goal of Lego Therapy is similar to that of teaching social skills; for the children to be able to communication effectively amongst their peers and adults and to also share experiences in collaboration. Not only developing social skills, Lego has the added bonus of:
•    Improving fine motor skills, particularly in hand strength
•    Explores visual, analytical and problem-solving skills 
•    Shared attention
Lego Therapy/Club consists of 3 children in a group with one trained facilitator. There are 3 roles that are distributed to the children, these role will switch each session.
•    The Architect: holds the building instructions for the project and has to request the bricks needed from the Supplier and then verbally directs the Builder. 
•    The Supplier: needs to locate and source the bricks and supply them to Builder when necessary.
•    The Builder: is passed bricks by the Supplier and then has to follow verbal instructions from the Architect to assemble toe bricks in the correct way. 
The facilitator works with the group members to highlight the good communication and language skills but also helps the children to reflect on what language or skills could have been used in order to create the project more successfully.