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Pupil Premium Grant Strategy

At Westacre, we use have developed a 3-year Pupil Premium strategy which has the key aims of:

  • Increasing the % of pupils 'working at' age-related expectations
  • Support PPG pupils to engage in a wide range of enrichment opportunities
  • Foster positive relationships between home and school and provide opportunities for parents/carers to be involved in their child's learning
  • Improve attendance rate for PPG pupils and to reduce the number of persistently absent pupils


Whilst we have many approaches which run from year to year, we are continually developing our practice within school to address the needs of our current pupils.  For 2020-21 one of our key new approaches is to create a Learning Library to which all pupils will have access both in school and out.  The Pupil Premium strategy is evaluated and reviewed on a yearly basis during the summer term.

If you wish to explore our Pupil Premium 3-year Strategy in more detail then you can find a link to the complete document below.





A tiered approach underpins our 3-year strategy this is to ensure that all layers of school life have been considered when developing the plan and that pupils are supported across all areas of their learning and school life whilst at Westacre.