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Year 7 Careers Day 5th April 2022

To promote our Aspirations driver in school, and to continue developing our year 7s ideas of what their futures may hold, we held a Careers day in school. Though the last Careers day was focused on speaking to employers and finding out about jobs, this day had more a personal focus with pupils looking at their own talents and skill sets, as well as what options are out there for them. We were very fortunate to have visiting speakers give up their time to come and work with the children and their feedback was very positive.

Higher Education Talk

The children were lucky to have Fliss join us for the day from Warwickshire College to discuss the pupils’ options for their futures. The children had the opportunity to discuss personal career choices and see what local colleges can offer. It was so great to see so many children confident in what they want to do in their futures.

What the children said:

  • I think it was interesting to see different colleges and courses for the future
  • It was also very informative because we got to know about what the colleges had to offer and what college may interest us best.
  • It was useful because she told us what courses we would need to do if we wanted to get our dream jobs 
  • I learnt that there are lots of options to an education and careers
  • Pershore College has axolotls!!!! 

Personal Strengths Analysis

For our second session of the day we looked at our own personality traits and what careers they would complement. Pupils used a set of cards with various traits on them to keep and exchange with their peers based on who they felt were the best fit. By the end of the session, pupils were aware of what careers would match their personalities.

What the pupils said:

  • It was very informative and useful to know about our personalities and traits and to find out what our dominant description and colour was.
  • It was very interesting to learn about myself.
  • Is was very fun to do the test and find out what our personalities are like
  • I thought it was good because I did not like the cards I had and then my friends helped me notice that I have some of them qualities
  • I thought it was a great experience and we got to learn what kind of person we are. My results: driven, detailed, kind and supportive

Job Application Writing

As part of our Careers Day, our Year 7s were challenged to ‘apply’ for their dream job. In these session, pupils were shown the available jobs that included chocolate taster, travel blogger and master Lego builder. Later in the day they wrote a letter of application and the successful candidates will go through to interviews with Mrs Evans! We look forward to seeing who gets the job!


Whole School Careers Day Friday 5th November

On Friday the 5th November, Westacre hosted its first whole school Careers Day. As part of this, we had 27 different professionals visit the school to talk about their wonderful careers. The careers we had included zookeepers, a chef, a student nurse, a psychologist, a pilot as well as many others. Throughout the day, the pupils walked to different locations around the school to discover the exciting paths their futures could hold. We even had Matthew Richards, a former Westacre pupil and Olympic gold medallist launch our day with an inspirational video message. The children were wonderful on the day, getting fully involved in question and answer sessions as well as fully immersing themselves in the activities lead by our guests.



Pupil Comments:

  • I loved meeting all the people from different jobs and enjoyed having chance to speak to them.
  • I liked how the people inspired me to do some of their jobs when I grow up
  • We learnt about other  careers and how they fit it into normal life
  • I loved hearing how fascinating other people's jobs are.
  • It was very fun and I made new friends from different years like year 7.
  • I loved the chance to see all the people that cut time of their work to come in and see us
  • I liked Careers Day because it was interesting to find out about peoples jobs and it inspired me to work hard to achieve my goals.
  • I liked the bit were the year 7 and 6 and year 5s got mixed up in different groups and I met different people.
  • I enjoyed it because it introduced me to new careers and helped me understand more about careers.
  • The day helped because I can understand more in depth about each career and think more about them.
  • It helped because the people talked to us well and told us about how well we need to do at  school to get our dream job.
  • It helped because I didn’t know some of the jobs existed and we got to learn more about different jobs than last year.
  • I have learnt that all jobs are important
  • I now know there is a wide range of jobs that could fit my speciality.

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Huge congratulations to Millie and Steph who, after spending several weeks designing their model to solve flooding in farming practises, have been selected as the winners of this year's Worcestershre Middle School's Stemwork Challenge. Their design uses the power of water to raise the flood barricades, providing a sustainable answer to flood prevention. Judges for the competition were so impressed, commenting:


The proposed plan was clear and easy to understand. The group had understood the problems facing the agricultural sector and also thought about the financial implications of the issues. The idea of barriers has been well thought out and these structures have demonstrated that they are effective in preventing flooding across the UK. Flooding is a huge challenge to Worcestershire farmers and more ideas like this can help the future of agriculture in the region. Well done for getting the idea onto the news!

The designed models have been put together carefully and lots of effort has gone into brainstorming ideas, construction of the 3D model and thinking about end users of the products.

Overall the group generated a practical solution to a big challenge both locally and globally. Understanding the importance of teamwork is a valuable skill both now and in the future, the group did well to mitigate any potential conflict before it surfaced. Great teamwork!


Well done girls, you made us proud!


The winning presentation:


New Careers books for every classroom

After being trialled in a year 7 class, these books were deemed very popular and useful by the children. They felt they were superb at helping them find out the different jobs that were out there and how to go about achieving them. So much so, we decided to purchase a book for every classroom so everyone can be inspired!