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Huge congratulations to Millie and Steph who, after spending several weeks designing their model to solve flooding in farming practises, have been selected as the winners of this year's Worcestershre Middle School's Stemwork Challenge. Their design uses the power of water to raise the flood barricades, providing a sustainable answer to flood prevention. Judges for the competition were so impressed, commenting:


The proposed plan was clear and easy to understand. The group had understood the problems facing the agricultural sector and also thought about the financial implications of the issues. The idea of barriers has been well thought out and these structures have demonstrated that they are effective in preventing flooding across the UK. Flooding is a huge challenge to Worcestershire farmers and more ideas like this can help the future of agriculture in the region. Well done for getting the idea onto the news!

The designed models have been put together carefully and lots of effort has gone into brainstorming ideas, construction of the 3D model and thinking about end users of the products.

Overall the group generated a practical solution to a big challenge both locally and globally. Understanding the importance of teamwork is a valuable skill both now and in the future, the group did well to mitigate any potential conflict before it surfaced. Great teamwork!


Well done girls, you made us proud!


The winning presentation:


New Careers books for every classroom

After being trialled in a year 7 class, these books were deemed very popular and useful by the children. They felt they were superb at helping them find out the different jobs that were out there and how to go about achieving them. So much so, we decided to purchase a book for every classroom so everyone can be inspired!