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The children had an abrupt wake up call this morning with the fire alarm going off at 7:00am. Thankfully it was a false alarm - Mrs Page set it off using her hairdryer! However, all children were up and ready on time, which made Mrs Page think she could have tried that tactic every morning! 


Once lunches were made and breakfast was eaten, the children had to pack and clean their rooms. We were then off for our final couple of hours of activity. 


Mrs Page and Mrs Eaton's group went zip lining through a slate quarry, while the other groups went canoeing. 


Then it was time to leave!


On reflection, the trip was challenging, fun, adventurous and simply amazing! Snowdonia is such a beautiful part of the world, and the children and staff were so lucky to experience it all. A big thank you to the staff at Arete - they were brilliant at pushing us to our limits to ensure we had the best time. 



Mrs Page has taken home quite a lot of lost property, that was definitely from children from our school. So if you are missing anything (items range from socks to hair straighteners!) then please send your child to see Mrs Page. It has all been washed and dried. 

On that note, some of Arete's clothing (fleeces, body warmers, waterproofs) were missing from the final check. These have likely been accidentally packed. If you have found any of these items - lots are 'Mountain Warehouse' brand, then please send back into school and Mrs Page will post them back. The children know if they had items missing off their peg. 


And finally, thank you to the members of staff that accompanied me on the trip with the trip with the children - without them giving up their time, the trip wouldn't have been able to go ahead. 


Mrs Page

The beautiful lake at Llanberis

Snowdon song

Still image for this video
The boys created this song to summarise their amazing week at Arete, with a special mention to Rod our instructor.