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Assembly - 29.09.23


During assembly, we had the pleasure of listening to Jessica in 7AU play the piano to us as we entered and left the hall. 

We thanked all of our volunteers (there were lots) who helped out at Open Evening. They were absolute superstars and did the school proud. 

World Watchers gave us a run down of the news from last week - we're excited about the Burpee Challenge coming up for Children in Need. 

(Photos below)


In art, we are studying Grayson Perry and how he uses the seven elements of art in his work. It is challenging us to view different art in new ways. 

In maths, we have moved on from sequences to using function machines- this will help us on our journey to algebra!

In English lessons we are using the graphic novel Illegal by Eoin Colfer and Andrew Donkin as a base for our writing.  We are working in pairs today to edit and improve a piece of writing from the main character Ebo to his uncle.

Congratulations to the children who were selected to be Prefects and Sports Leaders! House Captains were also chosen from the prefects, and Sports Captains from the Sports Leaders.

We are hoping to add a few more children to the list each term - so keep showing Westacre's living and learning values, and you could be our next Prefect or Sports Leader. 

Prefects & Sports Leaders

Subject traits

Children had to work in groups to find the traits for their given subject.

PE - working collaboratively

Reading out loud

During Guided Reading, we rehearsed a section of text to read out loud to build our oracy skills.


In Maths, children are selected to wear this sash. In this case, it was for resilience.

Wow work

Despite disruption this week, year 7 have still completed some fabulous learning . We have completed star reader tests (we are very excited to use the new library!), learnt about and made author profiles about Eoin Colfer, Benjamin Zephaniah and Paul Jennings and produced some wonderful work at home during remote learning!

A sneak peak into the Year 7 classrooms...