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Group 4 - Miss Eaton

Harry C, Archie B, Jasper A, James T, Harvey C, Leo B, Heath F, Arran Y, Alfie H, Jessica H, Daisy M, Nellie W


What a last morning for group 4! Firstly, the team went Abseiling and wow!! Climbing up several flights of stairs, each child made the very brave decision to descend from the platform, using their own skills to scale their way down the rope! Even Miss Eaton had a go! Their last activity of the week was by far one of the most enjoyed - Giant Zip Lining! There is also a rumour that it goes 40mph! Flying through the beautiful grounds of Blackwell, this speedy journey was one to be remembered! Thank you to the entire team of Blackwell who have made the children’s time here so memorable!


Group 4 and 3 have started the day in the pool, playing with different equipment and showing off their swimming skills. 

Another adventurous day for group 4! Starting out in Blackwell’s gigantic pool, group 3 & 4 took time to splash around! Despite the weather taking a little turn, that didn’t stop the children from making the most of their time in there!
Next up was Lazer Tag (Miss Eaton’s favourite), where group 3 and 4 went against each other in the most epic battle Westacre has ever seen! 3 rounds later, 1 victory for group 4 and a tie, the groups were ready for a lunch break. Shortly after lunch, the group took part in High All Aboard, where they climbed to the top of a ledge and worked together to fit 4 on top! Last but not least they then adventured over to Tree Trek where each child made their way through a high, off the ground obstacle course. A special mention to Leo, who initially wasn’t too sure about the zip line at the end of the course. However, with a little encouragement from his friends and his teacher, was able to push himself and completed it not once, but twice! Well done Leo!


Today’s first activity was ‘Crate Stack’.

Today group 4 (with Miss Eaton) have been up to lots of super fun things! First up was Crate Stacking, where the children worked together to build the highest crate without falling off! Shortly after they took part in the Fan Descender, where the team climbed a giant pole and jumped off of the top! After a sunny lunch break, the group learned a thing or two in Archery, playing games such as ‘pizza’ and ‘colours’! To end the afternoon activities, group 4 tackled indoor climbing. After a much needed break, a quick shower, and a tasty dinner, the children are now taking part in Orienteering/Rocket Launching! What a fantastic first day for everybody!