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Group 7 - Mrs Barlow

Chloe B, Kailee H, Tanaka N, Ally T-A, Eirlys A, Ruby W, Emma S, Violet B-M, Billy D, Ollie P, Aiden B, Saul S


After a wonderful camp fire last night spent toasting marshmallows and singing songs, group 7 started their last morning with pancakes. Our first activity was indoor climb where we had some real life spidermen! They all had a really good go, growing in confidence and conquering their fears as the session went on. 
Our final activity of the trip was High All Aboard, which involved working together to climb a pole trying to fit 4 people onto a very small platform at the top! A massive well done to everyone, it was challenging but they all rose to the challenge amazingly. It was lovely to see children on the ground encouraging others to reach the top. 
Group 7 have been amazing for their entire Blackwell experience. It has been 3 days full of friendship and fun and Mrs Barlow is so proud of them all for their can do attitude. It’s been such a wonderful experience for all involved.


The first activity of our second day was the Tree Trek! 

Group 7’s day started with an enthusiastic wake up from Miss Stewart before we headed off for a cooked breakfast. Our first activity was tree trek. This involved navigating rope ladders, wobbly bridges and tightropes finishing with a zip line. The whole group did a fantastic job of overcoming fears and Mrs Barlow particularly enjoyed seeing who could pull the best pose on the zip line. 
We then made our way to the giant zip line where they all got stuck in, they showed amazing team spirit cheering each other on and encouraging those who were a bit nervous. By the end of the session, they were all enjoying racing each other to the bottom! 
After lunch, we headed over to laser tag taking on Miss Hemming’s group 8. We played capture the flag where group 7’s resilience, one of our 6 R’s, really shone. They pulled together as a team and were a great support to each other. Mrs Barlow was so proud of them all that she let them convince her to join in. Both groups played a huge game of hide and seek children vs teacher style. Sadly, the children proved to be too good and Mrs Barlow and Miss Hemming were beaten. 
Our last activity of the day was swimming where fun was had by all. There were races of every variety, piggyback ones being the most entertaining! They all had a great splash around and most definitely enjoyed splashing the teachers at times too! After a shower to warm up, the children enjoyed spending their money in the shop lots of sweets and chocolate were brought! We have enjoyed a lovely dinner and are looking forward to a camp fire with the rest of the groups. Another brilliant day at Blackwell for group 7!


Todays first activity was archery.

Group 7 have had a brilliant first day! We started off with archery where they were all hitting the targets by the end of the session. A special shout out goes to Kailee H who won the knockout competition, she’s certainly an archery pro now! We then headed to abseiling where they all showed amazing bravery and great team spirit cheering each other on. After lunch we took on crate stacking, working in pairs to stack the crates as high as we could. We finished our day with the fan descender, where the children had to climb to to top and jump off. The whole group had an amazing attitude with everyone getting higher each time- Ruby W, Oliver P, Saul S, Ally T-A, Violet B-M, Tanaka N and Aiden B made it all the way to the top! Eirlys A, Emma S, Billy D and Chloe B have kept us entertained all day with their amazing team spirit and dancing! We’re now ending our day with orienteering and rockets after a lovely dinner together. The children have all made Mrs Barlow very proud today with their fabulous teamwork and we can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!