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During the first few weeks of the Autumn term we asked pupils to consider whether they had what it takes to become a Westacre prefect. For those who felt they had the desired skills, an application form was completed and sent to Mr Cotton. We are delighted to announce the successful applicants are:

  • Alfie S
  • Addison R
  • Kimberley E 
  • Erin K
  • Libby B
  • Abigail B
  • Leona J
  • Molly P
  • Lewis H
  • Peyton J
  • Lexi-Le F
  • Oliver S
  • Lexi T
  • Libby G
  • Steph L R
  • Rosey E W
  • Chloe S
  • Jemima W
  • Rosie B
  • Claire B
  • Izzy S
  • Evie D
  • Morgan H





Mr Cotton here to tell you what being a Prefect is all about! In year 7, we welcome you to apply to become a prefect. The successful applicants will then fill a variety of roles around school. Prefects aim to be helpers for the staff and offer a role model for other pupils.


As Prefects we….

  • Look out for people who are upset and comfort them, letting an adult intervene when needed.
  • Believe respect is gained through giving respect. We encourage this mutual respect through the way we speak and the body language we portray.
  • Applied for this role and have gone through a trial period. Now we have qualified as prefects. We have a lanyard that we wear with pride to show others who we are and to remind us of our responsibilities.
  • Meet on a half termly basis where we can discuss issues with Mr Cotton and rearrange groupings. Each term our groups and rota are changed to encourage our flexibility to work with others and do a range of jobs.
  • Think our job is to support every member of Westacre including pupils, staff and other visitors to the school.
  • Will often be asked to perform other responsibilities such as showing parents around on open evening, give tours to visiting adults and helping out at community events. We conduct ourselves maturely and responsibility during these times as we are representing Westacre, a school we a proud to be in.


Our intent:

  • We are aiming to maintain our school as a helpful, supportive environment where younger pupils look up to older children and are given a role model to follow
  • We are working to develop our own skills of responsibility, resilience and respect by helping with different duties around the school. These range from supporting pupils who look upset on the playground, helping staff with tasks around the school and encouraging healthy eating choices in the lunch hall.
  • We learn more about our duties each day and work hard to improve the role we play in school. We have pride in giving back to the school that has played a large part in our lives.
  • We want to increase the trust and respect we have from staff in order to prepare us for similar roles in further education and employment.
Application form: