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Group 3




This morning we have woven bracelets - the group worked really well, helping each other and using their resilience!!


The bracelets made were really colourful - we hope you enjoy seeing them!


Library Visit

For our final afternoon, our new experience (for some) was to visit Droitwich Library. We had new cards allocated to us, and the staff at the library told us all about the Dewey system and how to find books. They read an excerpt from a "yet to be published" book to whet our appetites, then we could select our own books to borrow.



Rivers Fitness

The group had their circuit session today at the leisure centre. They worked hard in teams to complete all the tasks under timed conditions.

Board Games


After a late lunch back at school, they played board games- focussing on them sharing, communicating and taking turns.  


Gym session at the leisure centre


This afternoon we went to the leisure centre to try the gym equipment. We had great fun trying all the equipment and competing against each other. 



Film Making 


This morning, group 3 have started with film making. They are using inanimate objects to show us around school…some very creative glue sticks, footballs and pencils are being used.

Team games 


This afternoon was spent building our team skills- communication and working together. 


This morning, group 3 created some photography portraits and used Canva to create a montage. They also looked at the different types of photography they might come across in art.