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Group 6 - Mrs Eaton

Teddy G, Max O, George G, Niall D, Mason S, Bella P, Saffron S, Sophia S, Rhia J, Sophia C, Mila S, Jess P


After a magical last night sitting around the campfire toasting marshmallows and singing camp songs, team 6 woke up to their final morning at Blackwell. They packed up their belongings and headed off to breakfast where pancakes with delicious toppings were on offer. The first activity of the morning was the giant zip line. Twelve excited children (and one excited Mrs Eaton ) put on their harnesses and enjoyed zip lining through the beautiful grounds of Blackwell, everyone had multiple turns showing no fear at all. Special mention to Jess for overcoming her fears and with a little push from Mrs Eaton took the plunge and completed her first zip line, well done Jess!
Next up was crate stack, an activity where, with a partner, you wear a safety harness to stack as many crates as possible, climbing higher and higher with the crates becoming wobblier and wobblier! The record to beat was 16, so team 6 rose to the challenge with Bella and Saffron reaching 12 crates! What a fantastic end to a wonderful experience, team 6-you’ve been awesome!!!!


The first activity for the second day was the Fan Descender.

After a good night’s sleep, team 6 kick started the day with a hearty full English breakfast followed by a bowl of cereal. This was then followed by singing happy birthday to the birthday boy, Evan. Our first activity was called Fan Descender, a 12 metre high climbing pole where you get to jump off the top! Once the children had put on all their safety gear, they were ready to take on the challenge. Mrs Eaton felt so proud of her group who all bravely accepted the challenge, George, Teddy, Rhia, Sophia C, Sophia S, Mila, Saffron and Mason showing no fear, having multiple turns, well done team 6!
Next up was the indoor climbing wall, again there was no stopping team 6, as their confidence grew, they all scaled effortlessly to the top! Mrs Eaton even had a go! Well done to Max, Jess, Bella and Niall for conquering their fears!
After a delicious lunch, we headed down to the pool where group 5 and 6 were reunited for a fun splash around involving pool noodles and water balloons, Mr Treadwell learnt the hard way when asking for the children to throw him a water balloon. His feet were a bit soggy to say the least!!!
Once the children had all dried off we all headed to the woods or should I say the army base where our battle of lazer tag was to begin. We were split into two teams and went up against team 5, every bodies competitive side came out as we ducked and dived through the trees trying to hide from our enemies. Team 6 triumphed again, beating team 5 hands down, so much fun was had by all. To celebrate our win we then headed to the shop where sweets were team 6’s priority. Another fantastic day at Blackwell!


The first activity today was ‘Tree Trek’.

Group 6 kicked off their day with an activity named Tree Trek, literally trekking through the trees from a great height! The children had to negotiate wobbly bridges, rope ladders etc finishing the trek on an exhilarating zip line! Next up was Archery, a difficult skill to master, the children stepped up to the challenge and even managed to hit the target on many occasions, special mention to Mason S, Teddy G, Max O and Jess P! Straight after lunch we headed over to the orienteering wall where the children bravely climbed up to the very top and scaled their way down to the bottom. Our last activity was called High all aboard, a very tall wobbly tower which involved as many children climbing to the top and balancing.  After a fun packed day of activities the children headed back to their pods for some free time and dinner. Very excited to see what tomorrow brings!