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Group 4 - Miss Constable

Group 4 members: 

  • Kyle, Jamie, Alex, Cameron, Toby, Isla, Niamh, Daisy, Holly, Frankie


After a 4 hour coach journey we arrived at Arete! After we were given bedding and a quick chat, we had a quick 5 minutes to make our beds. This was a challenge for some of us! We then had our second challenge of the week: putting on a wetsuit. Our first activity was rafting on Llyn Padarn. We had a great time paddling round then at the end, we were allowed to jump off the pontoon. 

We are now dry and back at the venue waiting for our dinner! This evening we are off for a walk in the local area. 



Today, group 4 travelled to Anglesey for their activities. Firstly, they got kitted up in harnesses and helmets to zipline between the cliff edges - it was quite a drop below but they were very brave!

After a picnic on the beach for lunch (sandwiches taste better when you've made them yourself!), they got changed into their wetsuits, buoyancy aids and helmets to go coaststeering. Lots of resilience was shown as they scrambled down the cliff, jumped into the sea and swam across to a new point before climbing out and jumping from a higher point! Miss Constable has been so impressed with their resilience and team work! Hot showers were well deserved when they got back to the centre!



Today, Group 4 donned their harnesses and climbing helmets to start their day rock climbing at Lion Rock. They showed how great they are at working as a team by belaying for those who were climbing before it was their turn. Great communication and support was given by those on the ground to help the climbers ascend the rock face and then abseil down. They enjoyed lunch with a beautiful view of the lake before heading back to the centre for a change of kit. 

For the afternoon, Group 4 travelled in the minibus to Llyn Padarn to go canoeing. Again, team work shone through as they battled against the wind to get out onto the main lake before being able to enjoy the beautiful setting in the sun! There will be some achy arms in the morning!



Today Group 4 kitted up with harnesses, helmets and ropes to head to Rhiwbach Mine. We climbed the hill before before entering the chamber into the mine. As we travelled through the mine, a mixture of walking, climbing, rafting and clambering, we learnt lots about the history and purpose of them. We spent some time sitting in a large chamber using only candle light to appreciate how the miners would have felt before blowing them out to experience true darkness - we were brave!

The hardest challenge was to exit the mine - by climbing a vertical ladder (of sorts) ensuring we clipped ourselves on along the way and squeezing through the hatch at the top into the daylight! 

The relief of removing waterproofs, helmets and harnesses was a good feeling before a slower walk back down the hills to the minibus. It was a very quiet drive back to the centre with some very sleepy children!



This morning is a busy morning of packing ready for our departure after lunch. We need to strip our beds and tidy our dorms... I wonder how long this might take us? After breakfast we will have our final activity: rock climbing.

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