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EAL (English as an Additional Language)



  • To promote equality of opportunity for all learners for whom English is an additional language.
  • To deliver a broad, balanced curriculum which reflects the needs of children for whom English is an additional language.
  • To ensure EAL pupils reach their full potential.

All teachers will need to consider the language demands as well as the content of the curriculum and plan how they can support pupils to develop oracy and literacy across the curriculum.


Responsibilities of all teaching staff:

  1. To provide pupils with access to resources which are age appropriate, at an appropriate language level, and are linguistically and culturally appropriate.
  2. To use key visuals and other strategies to support children’s access to the curriculum.
  3. To ensure that language and literacy are taught within the context of all subjects.
  4. To ensure that learners not yet fluent in spoken English or the language of the curriculum are entitled to receive planned support for their oracy and literacy skills.
  5. To actively liaise with parents to help them to support their children’s learning.
  6. To facilitate parents’ access to school life by providing dual language information and bilingual support especially for parents’ evenings, school events and workshops, and to monitor parental involvement.
  7. To ensure that EAL pupils are assessed in their first language where possible and where appropriate.
  8. To seek first language assessment to ensure the accurate identification of SEN.
  9. To provide all staff with high-quality professional development to develop their knowledge of EAL pedagogy and their skills for teaching EAL learners.
  10. To celebrate multilingual skills and promote linguistic diversity with all pupils.