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ECO Warriors

ECO Warriors

Hello, Miss Ackroyd here to tell you what being an ECO Warrior is all about!


As ECO Warriors we….

  • Evaluate our school environment. We think about what is good about our school environment but also want isn’t so good and could be made better.
  • Then come up with action plans in order to improve our school environment.
  • Meet regularly to discuss how we are progressing with our action plans.
  • Take notes about what we discussed in our meetings and pin them to our eco-board for others to read.
  • Tell our class mates about what we are currently working on; either in tutor time, assemblies, in school newsletters, on the school website or on twitter (and of course on our notice board).
  • Have an ECO warrior in each class so that each year group is fairly represented.


We intend to:

  • Improve the environment at Westacre and also in the local community.
  • Share with everyone how important it is for us all to look after the world around us.
  • Learn what we can do in order to look after the environment.
  • Increase our knowledge and understanding of recycling, energy usage and sustainable living.

 As an ECO Warrior you would be expected to attend ECO Warrior meetings (usually one lunchtime each half term, but possibly more frequently depending on how much discussion we need, or how much news/progress we have to share). You would then feedback what we have discussed in our meetings to your classmates during tutor time. If any of your classmates had any suggestions about how we could improve our school environment, they would speak to you and then you would share these ideas at our meeting.


If this sounds like something you would be interested in then please fill out the application form below.