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Anger intervention

Primary objective: to help the child identify what makes them angry and identify how to support them to cope when they are feeling angry.
Entry criteria: pupils identified by staff (e.g. in pupil strategy meetings) who require additional support
Exit criteria: improvements observed in a pupil's ability to manage and regulate their emotions
6 week, out of class intervention run by pastoral team.
Objectives- to explore the different responses of anger and establish the child's understanding of the emotion; to identify a particular aspect(s) of anger the child needs to focus on; to explain what is happening in the body and brain when we feel angry; to explore a range of different activities that the child can use to self-regulate when angry; to provide the child with a safe space to explore and practise different anger calming activities; to stay calm during any dis-regulation from a child and support/ model the behaviours we would want to see from them.



Anxiety intervention

Primary objective: to support the child to develop a healthy stress-regulation approach and develop strategies to support their anxieties and worries
Entry criteria:  pupils identified by staff (e.g. in pupil strategy meetings)
Exit criteria:  improvements observed in a pupil's ability to manage their anxiety
6 weeks, out of class intervention, run by pastoral team
discussion the 5 main emotions (joy, sadness, fear, anger and disgust); explain what happens in the body when we feel anxious/worried; explore and practice different strategies/techniques that a child can use to help self-regulate