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Physical Education

The Physical Education curriculum at Westacre aims to challenge children through a wide range of sports and physical activities. 


In KS2, children apply and develop a broad range of skills, learning how to use them in different ways and to link them to make actions and sequences of movement. Children communicate, collaborate and compete with each other whilst developing an understanding of how to improve in different physical activities and sports. Children also learn how to evaluate and recognise their own success. 


In KS3, children learn to become competent, confident and expert in their techniques, and apply them across different sports and physical activities. They understand what makes a performance effective and how to apply these principles to their own and others’ work. There are opportunities to compete in sport and other activities and children recognise that this builds character and helps to embed values such as fairness and respect.


Our PE lessons provide opportunities for children to develop their physical, cognitive and social skills whilst ultimately establishing a love of sport. Children will understand the importance of maintaining a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle and we hope to inspire children to regularly participate in extra-curricular sport. 


We have a range of sporting facilities at Westacre that include:

- A newly refurbished sports hall.

- A Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA)

- An outdoor gym equipment area

- 4 x outdoor table tennis tables

- 2 x large fields (Markings for football, rugby and an athletics track)

- A 3 court playground (Markings for basketball, netball and tennis)


We also use the facilities at Droitwich Leisure centre (2 minute walk from school) for swimming, fitness and a variety of other sports.



Please see the document below for more information about our curriculum intent for PE:

Please see the document below for more information about how we support the needs of all learners in PE:

Please see the document below for more information about the 'subject traits' we have planned in PE that we aim for all our children to leave Westacre being able to do:

Children can wear their Westacre PE kit on days they have PE. For the 2023/24 school year, PE days are as follows:


Monday - 7AU & 7RA

Tuesday - 5JR & 5TS

Wednesday - 6CF, 6RM & 6LS

Thursday - 5JD, 5LP & 7BB

Friday - 5TH, 6JT, 6MH, 7LC & 7FH


PE Kit


PE Curriculum


A selected group of Year 7 girls got to take part in the Worcs Girls Can Fitness and Wellbeing Festival. This included: Yoga, Glow Beatz, Dodgeball, Girl Talk and Functional Fitness. They had lot of fun and enjoyed the experience.

Top Sports Day Stars

Year 7 Sports Day

We had a great start to our Sports Week, starting off with year 7. Luckily, the weather stayed dry just about! It all began with our fun races: the egg and spoon race and the space hopper race. Everyone competed with the look of joy on their faces. This was followed by the parent races, who competed in the three-legged races with their children. After, we saw the track races of 100m, 200m, 600m and relay. Spectators and runners supported each other throughout.


Our variety of field events took place next, where everyone was involved to get as many points for their house as possible. Along the way, there were facts to learn about famous athletes, local clubs and the upcoming Commonwealth Games. As a team, we are proud with how year 7 conducted themselves at each station, encouraging each other to be the best they can be.


The results are as follows:

1 = Bannister

2 = Bronte

3 = Attenborough

4 = Turing


A huge congratulations goes to the top house scorers:

Bannister - Lola Bolton-Warner

Bronte - Elliot Price

Attenborough - Maja Fijolek

Turing - Rhys Bodilly


Another fantastic day with the year 6 Sports Day, despite having to finish due to the rain. The results are as follows:


1 = Attenborough

2 = Turing

3 = Bannister

4 = Bronte


Our top stars for the day were:

Bannister - Renee Hawley

Attenborough - Sebastian Payne

Turing - Maximilien Cartelet

Bronte = Ewan Hankins

The final sports day and the weather was finally on our side! Well done to all of year 5 and thank you to all the parents that came along to support and take part. The results are:


1 - Bannister

2 - Turing

3 - Attenborough

4 - Bronte


The top scorers for year 5 were:

Bannister - Dylan Moore

Attenborough - Miles Owen

Bronte - Pippa Jones

T - Faye Keates-Yandell


In the summer term, all year groups develop their throwing and catching skills to help in a range of games, including cricket and rounders.

Worcester City School Games KS3/4 Swimming Gala

Cross Country District Finals - Wolverley

The School Games Sportshall Athletics

Cross Country