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So that we can immerse ourselves in writing Beowulf, we have been creating a script to work from. Roles included the narrator, Beowulf and the Coastguard. This meant we were able to apply writing skills, such as direct speech, to our narrative. 

Using our oracy skills in Religion and World Views

Science Experiments in the Lab

We have been tasked with discovering which material would be the best insulator for a lunch box, to keep food cold. In the Science Lab, we used a number of different materials to test which kept our ice cube from melting. We discovered that aluminium foil stayed the coldest, and polyester melted the ice cube, keeping it nice and cosy!

Lights, Camera, Action!

This term, we will be examining video production, during our Computing lessons. We have been exploring various camera shots, which shots to use for each scene and the best camera angles for our subject. 

Congratulations to Niall, Rose, Charlie and Heath for their fantastic efforts with their Anglo-Saxon themed homework!

Mrs Howells and Mrs Riddleston had a lovely surprise this morning, when Niall and Rose brought some samples of their Anglo-Saxon recipes to try! They were delicious.


Charlie and Heath worked hard to create their own pieces of art inspired by weapons and jewellery. 


Well done children!

History Man Visit 

Year 5 enjoyed having a visit from ‘The History Man’ today to launch their Creative Curriculum topic, Detectives. They learnt about the Anglo-Saxons, looked at lots of different artefacts and even tried on some Anglo-Saxon clothing and armour. We had a brilliant time!

We have enjoyed our new PE topics this week, which have included Rhythmic Gymnastics and Multi Skills. 5LP put their communication skills to the test, devising a new game, which relied on clear instructions and the completion of different movements.